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Advisor Professional Development

Advisor Development eLearning Course & Advisor Certificate

The Advisor Development eLearning course provides advisors the core knowledge to successfully advise UNI students during their academic careers. This course is available to all undergraduate faculty and advisors through their eLearning site. Two options are available for advisor development:

Option 1: Advisor Development  Course

This course is designed for new and seasoned UNI advisors to enhance academic advising skills, and as a resource on specific advising topics. The course guides participants in five areas of Core Knowledge:

  • Advising at UNI
  • Undergraduate Degree Requirements and the Liberal Arts Core
    • Advisor Toolbox: Relational Skills, Making Referrals, and Forms
    • Navigating the SIS
    • Reading an Advisement Report
  • In addition, there are electives:
    • Transfer Students
    • Requirements of Teach Education
    • Career Development in Advising
    • Working with Special Populations
    • Advising for Academic Success
    • Cultural Competency for Advisors
    • Working with Parents & Guardians

If you are interested in additional advisor development, consider completing the

Advisor Development Certificate outlined below.


Option 2: Advisor Development  Certificate

To satisfy the Advisor Certificate requirements, complete all five Core Knowledge areas in the Advisor Development Course and three electives, including the self- assessments.

Additional certificate requirements include:

  • One year of advising experience at UNI

  • Participation in the Fall New and Returning Advisor Workshop

  • Participation in the Spring Campus Advisor Workshop

  • Advisor observation (optional)

Similar to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s Teach UNI Faculty Teaching Certificate Program, advisors who complete the requirements of the Advising Certificate will receive recognition for their  work.

 For more information, contact Susan Hill in the CETL at 319-273-2553

If you do not see the course in your eLearning  site, contact Jean Neibauer at jean.neibauer@uni.edu or 319-273-3406.





Faculty/Staff First-Year Student Forum

Learn more about first-year students and enhance your knowledge in these areas:

      UNI Fall 2015 new freshman profile
      Common and UNI specific first-year student academic and transitional issues
      Fall 2015 MAPWORKS data

All faculty and staff who teach, provide academic advising, or interact with first-year students at UNI are invited to attend this event.


New/Returning Faculty Academic Advisor In-Service

An annual new and returning advisor inservice is held in September.  The inservice is facilitated by a faculty advisor and an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.  This workshop is an opportunity for faculty advisors to access the advising tools we have developed unique to UNI, and to network with current UNI advisors who can provide support throughout the year.


Spring Academic Advising Workshops

This event provides a venue to address information covering best practices, resources, and campus updates impacting academic advisors. It is a come and go event (no registration necessary) where advisors pick which sessions to attend. 


Additional Resources for Advisor Development

UNI Advisor Handbook

The Advising Express Newsletter

The UNI Academic Advising Network

The Iowa Academic Advising Network (IowAAN)