Undergraduate Advising Council to the Provost

The UNI Undergraduate Advising Council advises the Provost on matters related to academic advising at UNI.  It aids the Provost in the review and assessment of advising services and, as well, assists in promoting the professional development, evaluation and recognition of both professional and faculty advisors.

The Advising Council partners and works closely with University Admissions, the Registrar, officers of the First Year Experience, the Liberal Arts Core Committee, the Honors Program, the Academic Learning Center, and other university entities, as necessary, in order to meet the following goals:

  1. Advance academic advising as an integral component of the teaching and learning environment at UNI. 
  2. Promote continuing improvement of academic advising. 
  3. Support and facilitate advisor development 
  4. Provide a forum for consulting and collaborating on mutual advising goals and needs. 
  5. Advocate excellence in university-wide academic advising through periodic advising program reviews and assessments.

Questions or comments?  Please email Deirdre Heistad, chair of the Undergraduate Advising Council.